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Offering solutions that support business operations and efficiencies for improved Strategic technology adoption, Data Insights & Develop customised software for business intelligence.

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Why us?

Expertise. Consultancy. Partnerships. Value


wCyber offers you insights, strategy, and precision-driven management services that align with your business and your goals. We create bespoke approaches and solutions that help you get what you need from technology and data.

Enterprise Information Management

We provide you with the tools you need to rationalise, refine and closely manage your data and organisational information. We ensure that your data management is streamlined to avoid unnecessary waste in resources and reduce the impact of inefficiencies on your people to improve their engagement and productivity.

Value-added Expertise

Our skills and expertise span more than 50 years in the industry and we use them to optimise your data and technology. We understand the layers and nuances of data and we know the right technology to ensure we add value to your business and every solution we offer.

Value for Money

Our advisory and niche service offerings don’t come with a hefty price tag. We believe that exorbitant bills affect relationships. Our approach is defined by our collaborative approach to your business and budgets so we can deliver what you need over the long and the short term.

We strive for excellence through innovation.


Strategy. Technology. Transparency. Intelligence.


Our solutions have been developed on proprietary frameworks and in line with industry best practice. We design and implement our services and solutions with one goal in mind – getting your business where it needs to go. And our results speak for themselves. 


We have been in business since 2006. As a niche advisory service provider, we work with you to create what you need for your business, industry and customers. Our expertise, skills and ongoing professional development include: consultancy; capability and capacity development; innovation; CPD; inventive technology approaches; and people – our people are our most important asset and are integral to our success. 

Intelligent systems

wCyber develops for your business smart and customised solutions that just work, as you would expect. The systems are enriched with analytics, visualisation, integration, transparency, and robust. This creates intelligence for you. 

Strategic Data

Evidence-based policy making, efficiency and modernisation define our approaches to data-driven and strategic decision making. We ensure that your technologies are aligned with best practice and optimised through the strategic analysis of your data. We will execute the right data strategy for your business.

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Industries & Clients

Sector Agnostic. Agile. Relevant

We customise our services and solutions to fit any sector, industry or business size. Our approach is to be as agile and adaptable as possible so we can create relevant and capable solutions across multiple industries and sectors. Some of the industries we’ve worked in include:


Banking and Financial Services

Consumer and Retail

Information Technology



Our Clients

We’re industry and technology agnostic because we deliver what clients need. Some of our customers include:

Our Products

Solutions that work out of the box

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